North Jersey Section of the ACS

Co-Chair - Phil Oths

Co-Chair - Mrinal Shah

Secretary - Jacqueline Erickson

NJ Formuation Science Topical Group

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Formulation Science Group: Background

The ACS North Jersey Section is forming a Formulation Science Topical Group which will be dedicated to fostering a continued dialogue on issues related to formulation chemistry and formulation manufacture / scale-up.

The Formulation Science Topical Group welcomes discussion on issues from a variety of different types of formulations and will cover topics such as: pre-formulation, preservation, stability, excipient functionality, factors influencing formula performance, manufacturing and scale-up effects and, theoretical aspects of formulation development.

If you would like to be notified of our upcoming events or to get involved, please contact Phil Oths via e-mail at .

In addition, please be sure to check This webpage for the latest news and happenings for the Formulation Science Topical Group.


Phil Oths