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    May 22, 2008

    Act 4 Chemistry

    Dear American Chemical Society Member,

    I am writing with some exciting news: earlier today (May 22), the U.S. Senate approved its version of the supplemental spending bill by an overwhelming margin. Within the bill was a provision to provide the National Science Foundation with $200 million and the Department of Energy Office of Science with $100 million.

    Over the past two months, ACS members have urged policymakers to support the inclusion of science funding in this bill. In particular, ACS members sent over 4,250 letters to Congress and the White House, and made over 800 phone calls to their senators.

    This is a great victory, but we can't celebrate yet. The House of Representatives did not include this additional spending in their version of the bill, and the White House has indicated that the president will veto the legislation. We will continue to press them here in Washington.

    Again, thank you. I sincerely appreciate all you have done to date and thank you in advance for all that you will do in the future!

    Brad Smith

    Manager, and ACS Legislative Action Network

    American Chemical Society

    May 14, 2008

    Act 4 Chemistry

    Dear American Chemical Society Member,

    Recently the American Chemical Society urged you to write letters, asking our national leaders to support the inclusion of science funding in the FY2008 supplemental spending bill. If you did this, thank you for your help. More phone calls, however, are needed, especially to your senators.

    The debate on the supplemental spending bill is now an uphill battle for the scientific community, with the House of Representatives rejecting emergency spending on science and research. The U.S. Senate however has included proposed funding for the National Science Foundation (NSF) Department of Energy Office of Science and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) in itís version of the supplemental bill.

    Without this additional money approximately 1,000 highly rated grants from the NSF will not be funded and 600 scientists at DOE facilities could lose their jobs.

    We urge you to join scientists from across the country by clicking here and calling your senators at the numbers listed. Please urge them to support the inclusion of NSF, NIH, and DOE funding in the final emergency spending bill.

    Thank you for your help.

    Brad Smith


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