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Merck Index Donation Program


Nominate a High School Chemistry Teacher to Receive the Merck Index

Merck Index Donation Program

The Merck Index Merck & Co, Inc, a national partner for the 2009 National Chemistry Week (NCW) celebration, has generously donated 10,000 copies of the 14th edition of The Merck Index to ACS for teachers across the U.S., to be distributed through the 183 ACS Sections.

Any member of the North Jersey Section is invited use the form below to nominate a high school chemistry teacher in the NoJ area to receive a copy. (You may submit more than one request.) Note that there may be more requests than copies, so a selection process might be necessary after the numbers are known -- sadly we cannot guarantee that everyone nominated will receive a copy.

Our current plan is for the nominating member (you) to pick up the volume at the NJ-ACS office or some NJ-ACS event and present it to the teacher.

Form to Nominate a No. Jersey Teacher to Receive a Copy of The Merck Index

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