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Kelly George
North Jersey Co-Chair

Amber Charlebois
North Jersey Co-Chair
FDU Chemistry Dept
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Jackie Erickson
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Sarah Carberry

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A Joint North Jersey and New York Section Activity

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Upcoming Meeting – Tuesday February 19

ACSNJ Metro Women Chemists Committee
would like you to join us for
“Doin' Dishes”

Tuesday, February 19th 2013 - 6:00pm

We will be Painting Pottery at “Doin' Dishes” - A Paint Your Own Ceramics Studio. Montclair, NJ, on the corner of Church St. and South Park St. at 50 Church St. For more details and directions see their website:

Come join us for an evening of artistic expression, stress relief, and conversation with some interesting ladies.

How it works:

  • Choose from a wide selection of over 150 ceramic pieces. Unfinished pieces range from $5 to $33.
  • Select colors from a paint chart.
  • Paint it using brushes, sponges, stamps, or stencils. Paint time costs $7/hour (Tuesday Special is $7 for the whole evening). Includes unlimited use of paints, supplies, idea books, and instruction.
  • Leave it to be glazed and fired in our kiln. Your masterpiece will be ready in one week.
  • Take it home and ENJOY.

Space may be limited so RSVP as soon as you can - an RSVP would be appreciated by February 14th, 2013 To RSVP contact Sarah Carberry:

A printable flyer is available upon request.

(Also, please feel free to pass this announcement on to your collegues and friends. Several email addresses that I have for women I've invited in the past no longer work.)


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    The mission of the MWCC is to strengthen the contribution of women in the chemical sciences. We serve early and midcareer scientists through programming and invite graduate and undergraduate students to participate.

Our Goals:

  1. To promote networking and information sharing amongst women in the chemical sciences. We plan to do this by
    • Sponsoring a Women Chemists Committee luncheon at each ACS MARM Meeting.
    • Hosting a networking meeting in North Jersey each fall that includes the opportunity for younger scientists to give short research presentations
  2. To provide outreach and career programming to undergraduate students by
    • Hosting meetings in conjunction with student affiliate groups in the North Jersey area


[ mission & goals | next meeting | recent meetings ]

Some Recent Meetings



The Gift of Mentoring Apr 8, 2010

By Sarah Carberry (MWCC Public Relations Representative)

The NJACS Metro Women's Chemist Committee held a joint meeting with the Central Jersey AWIS chapter on April 8th at Fairleigh-Dickinson Campus in Madison, NJ. Approximately 40 women attended the meeting which revolved around the” Gift of Mentoring” and began with dinner and networking. The guest speaker was Dr. Sherrie Pietranico-Cole who is currently a Research Leader and Chemistry Project Leader in Discovery Chemistry at Roche. She spoke about the many mentors that had changed her lives and how she has mentored others during her career. She spoke about growing up in Harlem and the journey she took from her humble roots to the Douglass College then to the University of Pennsylvania where she became the first African-American women to complete a Ph.D. in chemistry. A panel of four successful mentors then spoke of their experiences and took questions from the group. The panel included the guest speaker Dr. Sherrie Pietranico-Cole along with Dr. Molly E. Hoke, Dr. Catherine M. Duckett, and Mrs. Maureen Chan. The panel shared their views and strategies for mentoring students and peers as well as how to seek out a mentor during the different stages of life.

The evening concluded with the ACS MWCC presenting the first annual MWCC Mentoring Award to Ms. Jeannette Brown. Ms. Brown has been a mentor to countless men and women throughout her life, including the guest speaker of the evening Dr. Pietranico-Cole. She is a 50-year member of the ACS and has won numerous awards and grants; the most recent was a Heritage Foundation grant for the initial research for the book she is writing about the history of African American Women Chemists. She is truly a wonderful role model and certainly deserving of the inaugural MWCC Mentoring Award.

Photos from the Apr 8 2010 Meeting

Dinner and Networking

1.  Dinner and Networking

Co-chair Kelly George, MWCC Mentoring Awardee Jeannette Brown, Guest...

2.  Co-chair Kelly George, MWCC Mentoring Awardee Jeannette Brown, Guest Speaker Sherrie Pietranico-Cole, and Co-chair Amber Charlebois

Panel members: Molly E

2.  Panel members: Molly E. Hoke , Maureen Chan, Sherrie Pietranico-Cole, and Catherine M. Duckett



The Chemistry of Chocolate: A Chocolate Tasting and Networking Event Jan 28, 2010

By Sarah Carberry (MWCC Public Relations Representative)

On January 28th 2010 the ACS Metro Women's Chemist Committee held their winter meeting at The Chocolate Path in Montclair, NJ.  There were 35 women present from a variety of scientific backgrounds.  Over half of the women were new attendees and most were interested in networking and getting more involved in both the MWCC and the NJ local section.  The owner of the store, Susan Fine, gave us an in depth history of chocolate and she rationalized the health benefits of dark chocolate.   Chocolate (the dark variety) is actually fairly good for you and is one of the richest sources of antioxidants of any food.  She also explained that chocolate is made up of approximately 1,200 different chemicals, which is why it has not yet been synthesized in a laboratory.

When we first arrived we were invited to try some European sipping chocolate and also sampled some of the best sellers; dark chocolate truffles and a panko bread crumb bar.  As we learned about the history and health benefits of chocolate we tasted several types of chocolate.  The group was a little impatient when he were instructed not to eat the chocolate, we should  first hold the chocolate and rub and smell it, then we could put it in our mouths, but don't chew.  We then took a tour around the chocolate world, going from the Ecuador to Madagascar to Granada, and finally we tried a stone-ground chocolate made with beans from the Dominican Republic.  We finished with a Kakawa Beans – which are whole roasted cocoa beans coated in layers of white, milk and dark chocolates, then coated in cocoa powder - every form of chocolate in one bite.  Everyone had their favorites and we all learned a lot about this tasty health food.  Our next meeting will be on April 8th, if you are interested in attending or would like more information about the Metro Women's Chemist Committee please [ click here ]

Photos from the Jan. 28 2010 Meeting

A few flights of chocolate

1.  A few flights of chocolate

The group listening to Susan

2.  The group listening to Susan's talk and sampling

Co-chairs Amber and Kelly about to taste

3.  Co-chairs Amber and Kelly about to taste

Susan Fine (guest speaker) holding a replica of a cocoa pod

4.  Susan Fine (guest speaker) holding a replica of a cocoa pod



Networking Dinner at Fairleigh DickinsonSept 18, 2009

On Thursday September 18th, 2009, more than twenty women of the Metro Women Chemists Committee gathered for a networking dinner at Fairleigh Dickinson University in Madison, NJ. Dr. Kathryn Uhrich, Dean of Math and Physical Sciences of the School of Arts and Sciences at Rutgers University and founder of Polymerix Corporation gave an inspiring and insightful presentation on her road to success. She shared some professional and personal stories from her career path and stressed to the group that one person can make a substantial difference in the lives of others. It was a wonderful opportunity to meet, interact and network with women in the North Jersey/New York area.

Networking Dinner at Fairleigh Dickinson, Sept 2009

Kathryn Uhrich (Event Speaker and Dean of the Math and Physical Sciences...

1.  Kathryn Uhrich (Event Speaker and Dean of the Math and Physical Sciences of the School of Arts and Sciences at Rutgers University) and Kelly George new co-chair of the Metro Women Chemists Committee chatting before dinner

Anne Kelly, Jacqueline Erickson, Susan Fahrenholtz and Maureen Chan...

2.  Anne Kelly, Jacqueline Erickson, Susan Fahrenholtz and Maureen Chan enjoying the evening`



Metro Women Chemists Committee

If you have any questions about MWCC or if you would like to be added to our email list, contact Amber Charlebois

All are welcome to join at these events! We are planning to do this at least twice a year, in the spring in North Jersey and in the fall in New York.

For more information, contact Amber Charlebois, .


For more information, contact: Kelly George, or Amber Charlebois (details at left)

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