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Press Release: Aug 18, 2009 - NJ-ACS Wins ChemLuminary Awards at ACS Annual Meeting


No. Jersey Wins Three ChemLuminary Awards for 2008

On August 18, 2009, the North Jersey Section of the American Chemical Society was awarded three ChemLuminary Awards during an award banquet at the Fall ACS meeting in Washington, DC. These awards, presented by the President of the ACS, were accepted by Dr. Michael M. Miller, 2008 NJ-ACS Section Chair, on behalf of the Section's membership. (Video exerpts of the presentations can be viewed here: clip 1 and clip 2.)   Specifically, the awards were for:

  1. Outstanding Performance by a Local Section, Very Large Size Category, 2008
  2. Greatest Community Involvement in Chemists Celebrate Earth Day 2008
  3. Outstanding Community Involvement in National Chemistry Week 2008

We thank all members of the No. Jersey Section who made 2008 a success!

ChemLuminary Award Ceremony at ACS National Meeting, Washington DC, Aug 2009

NJ-ACS Receiving 2008 ChemLuminary Award (Click to enlarge)

From left to right: Bruce E. Bursten (Past President ACS), Michael Miller (2008 Chair North Jersey Section), Wayne Jones (Local Section Activities Committee Chair)

Slides of the Poster Presentation (Click to view)

Slides of the Poster Presentation
(click to view)

Members of NJ-ACS 2009 Leadership Team (Click to enlarge)

Members of the NJ-ACS 2009 Leadership Team. From left to right: Marilyn Gorman, Anita Brandolini, Les McQuire, Jeannette Brown, Joseph Potenza, Susan Fahrenholtz, Bettyann Howson, Michael Miller, Bill Suits, Diane Krone, Jacqueline Erickson, Janet Potenza, Anne Kelly, Maureen Chan


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